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Weight Loss During Summer

Human beings have not always had the comforts and conveniences that we have today. Our bodies became good at storing excess calories in the form of fat. There were also certain times of the year where we would be programmed to eat more, and perhaps get even more efficient at storing calories.

3 Crucial Tips For Long Term Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most difficult endeavors one can pursue and we need all the help we can grasp. Review this essential tips to help you in your weight loss fight.

9 Reasons We Overeat During The Holidays

Is your holiday mindset: lots of food equals a good time; skimping on food equals a bad time? Holidays are not exclusively about food – there are religious, ethnic, and patriotic underpinnings to many of them – but during the winter holiday season we tend wrap a lot of our holiday thoughts around food. This article gives nine reasons many of us adopt a holiday mindset that essentially endorses indulgent eating and the “I’ll diet after the holidays” frame of mind. Each reason is accompanied with a suggestion or two to tame the “overeating during the holidays is okay” behavior.

Eat Great And Lose Weight – A Man’s Guide

Many men find it difficult to combine a busy lifestyle with weight loss. They certainly want to shed a few pounds but don’t have the time to learn how. In this article, you will learn just what you need to know in order to eat great and lose weight, specially tailored for men.

Does ViSalus Work?

ViSalus is a 90-day weight loss program, using product kits to promote improved health. ViSalus is also a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization, through which customers can become distributors, earning money for themselves while enjoying discounted rates on the products they love. So the answer to “Does ViSalus work?” is two-fold: how does it work as a product, and how is it a lucrative business opportunity?

Picking Out the Right Diet and Exercise Plan

Having commitment issues with your diet and exercise relationship? Me too! I want a big ice cream sundae right now with some hot fudge on there… and maybe a peanut butter cup or two! Everyone has cravings… everyone has excuses… keep reading to understand how the professionals handle these obstacles.

5 Reasons Why Most Women Fail To Burn Belly Fat

Even though a lot of women try to get rid of their excessive belly fat, only few of them actually succeed in shedding their excessive belly fat. If you are one of those women that have not been able to melt their fat belly, this article will reveal some of those reasons why it has been very difficult for you to flatten your belly. Reason1-Muscle memory One of the reasons why some of the abdominal workouts that you have engaged in have failed to build up your abdominal muscles is because of what is called muscle memory…

How To Maintain Your Healthy Diet During The Holiday

During the holiday and festive period which runs from the end of the month of November to the beginning of the following January, we usually get food gift items like cookies and treats like cheese balls as holiday gifts and this will inevitably result in lots of people gaining lots of extra weight during the festive period. It is therefore not surprising to note that research carried out at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Centre on Aging has revealed that 51% of yearly weight gain amongst Americans occurs during the festive and holiday season; this excessive weight gain that…

What’s In Online Diets That Makes Them Better?

The availability of online diet plans is relatively recent and many potential dieters aren’t fully acquainted with the possible new benefits that these plans offer. Review a few of the features of these plans to see if they can be of benefit to you.

10 Effective Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight sometimes requires us to be knowledgeable of some weight loss tips in order to be successful in our weight loss endeavors. Below are 10 practical tips than can help you to reach your weight loss goals.

What Are Fats?

Fats, also known as lipids are probably the most misunderstood macronutrient of all. When most people think of fat the first thing that comes to mind are burgers, fries, fast food, heart disease, deep-fried food and overall unhealthiness.

Twenty Pounds GONE! Here’s An Easy, Enjoyable Way To Do It Without Starving Yourself To Death

There are all sorts of ideas for weight loss, from the excellent to the plain daft. Everything from exercises and yoga to healthy eating have been well researched and paraded on the internet, TV, newspapers and magazines to help you lose weight. Juicing, however, is without a shadow of a doubt the best and safest way to lose weight fast, while also detoxing your body.

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