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I Am a Failure – I Have Put on Weight

How many times have we heard that said by someone who has been on a diet? In fact how many times have we said it ourselves? I will be honest and tell you I have said it many times and proceeded to immediately give away the diet I was on and declaring I will never go on another one again as I am incapable of ever reaching my goal. Does that sound familiar?

Liposuction Vs Natural Weight Loss

These days, when it comes to losing weight, people have the option of getting down and doing the work to shed the extra pounds or opting for cosmetic surgery and undergoing liposuction, but is one option better than the other? In order to make this decision, it is important for individuals to find out a bit more about their options and what they have to offer.

Cardio First Or Weights First, Which One Is Right For You?

Anyone who is looking to start a new exercise routine will most likely wonder whether they need to start off with cardio or weights, although the answer to this isn’t as simple as it might seem. The choice will be based on a few different factors, although most people will most likely want to start out at the weights, especially when they are just starting their training.

The Basic Weight Loss Plan

4 main aspects to weight loss and achieving as well as maintaining a healthy, fit body are: 1. Nutrition (eating habits, how often you eat, and how much you eat); 2. Cardiovascular Training (Working out the main muscle of the body – heart – and burning calories as well.

Resistance Training Helps to Lose Weight

What exactly Resistance Training is – How can it help to achieve weight loss? Resistance training is anything that provides resistance against your muscles.

What Is Weight Loss Anyway?

I am writing this article because of a common misconception. Most people are not familiar with the definition of weight loss. They don’t know why they want to lose weight.

How an Herbal Appetite Suppressant Could Make Your Diet a Success

Hunger is one of the biggest problems many dieters face. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer if you use the right herbal appetite suppressant.

How To Boost and Retrain Your Metabolism To Be Faster

Boosting your metabolism and training it to be faster is possible. If you are looking to lose weight, boost your metabolism and burn fat than this article is for you.

How Much Do You Know About Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss?

It would be safe to say that Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most talked about supplements today. Being an aid for losing weight, it is easy for people to rely the success of their weight loss efforts on it. But, just like in any product you use, knowing what it really is cannot be overemphasized.

Chlorogenic Acid Found In Green Coffee Beans May Fight Obesity

An active ingredient in raw coffee beans, chlorogenic acid, is linked to weight loss and numerous other health benefits. The research has only just begun, but the promise it holds is great.

Open Up Your Wallet, Please

Everything popular is wrong. What the food and fitness industry don’t want you to know.

$61 Billion Weight Loss Industry and Still Overweight Americans

More than fifty percent of the total American population is desperately looking for a way to get rid of excessive amounts of body fat. I read a press release today that was published last month (December 2013). The report stated, American Weight Loss industry is growing by 1.7% this year and the total volume has been reached to $61 Billion. This is a real alarming situation that with all the diet books, fitness experts, meal plans, fat loss programs, Magic Pills and such a huge amount of money invested on fitness, Americans are still overweight and in poor health.

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