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What Is The Ideal Weight For Me Right Now?

So you want to find out what is a healthy weight for someone of your height? Here is how to calculate it – it’s really simple.

Will Losing Weight Make My Breasts Smaller?

This is a question that gets asked by a lot of women attempting to lose weight. Let me tell you what you should expect in terms of breast size once your done losing fat.

What Happens When You Starve Yourself?

I sincerely hope that you are not contemplating starving yourself just to lose some weight. If you are, I will quickly dissuade you – just read what I have to say.

How Many Calories Should I Burn To Lose 1 Pound Of Weight?

So you decided to start taking care of your body and health, and would like to know how many calories you need to burn to lose 1 pound of weight. It’s quite simple.

The Truth With Working Out and Abs

Don’t waste your time doing crunches and wasting your money on products you see on tv. There are ways to lose weight that are real and that work! There’s a truth to the art of weight loss!

Weight Loss Meals – Have You Started Your Meal Plan To Lose Weight?

The key to starting your meal plan to lose weight is to keep it simple. Then it is no harder preparing weight loss meals than it is preparing other meals.

How To Stop Craving Bad Foods (WITHOUT Torturing Yourself And Feeling Miserable!)

Want to stop craving bad foods once and for all? Do you want to do this without feeling like crap? Here’s what to do…

How to Lose 10 Pounds With Diet and Exercise

Think you have tried everything to shed that last ten pounds of body fat? My advice is to exercise for 5 hours per week and eat whole foods, while being aware of your body’s natural hunger/fullness cues.

Is Sugar Bad For You? Some Is, Some Isn’t

Is sugar bad for you? This is a common question that health conscious people often ask. People need to know which foods are unhealthy and/or fattening so they can avoid them. But sugar is an enigma as it can be good or bad for you depending on the source.

What Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

To be able to lose weight, it is important that you control what you eat and how much. But with the many diets available on the market saying contradicting things, how do we really know which food would help us take off those pounds? Well here is a list of what foods to eat to lose weight.

Weight Issues Nobody Talks About

Because I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a passion for good living I get annoyed with the general misconception surrounding weight issues. For example, in order to maintain a healthy weight one has to deprive themselves of the important experience of food, by eating unpalatable meals. Another misconception (promoted by the latest reality shows) has individuals working out 8 hours/day doing extremely rigorous exercises. I cannot exclude the commercials pushing exercise equipment or pills and supplements to miraculously melt fat away.

3 Clear Reasons Why You Should Stick With Natural Dieting (It’s More Than Just Permanent Results)

Most people know that natural dieting is what gets you permanent results. But, there are 3 more powerful reasons why you should natural dieting…

The Flat Belly Code

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