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Halloween Survival

Scared of weight loss this Halloween? Here are some tips and tricks to keeping the pounds off.

You Can Lose Weight and Keep Fit!

There are a lot of diets out there suggesting how to lose weight. Great! However, the real need people have is to lose weight and keep it off!

Get Your Spouse or Significant Other to Join You in Efforts to Get in Shape

Having a significant other that you live with, or a person you are together with for much of the week could be the ideal candidate to really kick your weight loss efforts into overdrive. Having another person on the same page, focusing on what will be healthy and beneficial for your lives, will help you both focus on all the decisions throughout the day that must be dealt with.

Finding the Right Calories for Weight Loss

Dieting can be a mentally draining endeavor. There are so many diet plans which are often contradictory to each other; you don’t know which plan is the best. You have low carb, low calorie, hypo caloric, gluten free, Paleo diet and so many others; you don’t know what to choose.

What You Are Eating and Drinking to Lose Weight That Is Actually Bad for You

Discover so-called healthy foods which aren’t really healthy. Learn healthy alternatives to eating for proper weight loss.

How Do You Know If Your Diet Is Working?

Many times when starting a new diet, people tend to confuse the fact that just because you may be losing pounds on the scale, you are becoming healthier. If you want long term success, there is so much more to focus on than simply the decrease in weight you may be seeing. But how can you tell how healthy you may be with this new found success. A simple bathroom cabinet instrument can give you all the answers you need.

Getting Rid of Underarm Flab AKA ‘Batwings’

In this day and age, more and more people are wanting to be healthy and lose weight. However, not all of us can effectively lose the weight by exercise and dieting alone.

Women, Weight and Staying Healthy! The 1200 Calorie Diet

Today I wanted to remind everyone on the benefits of exercising. I know you already know them, but sometimes we forget the importance of it. We let our daily routines and struggles over power us and at the end of the day your exhausted with no energy to exercise. With the Holidays starting stress is another thing we have to deal with, and exercise can help with that too.

The Right Formula To Losing Weight And Staying Healthy

There’s the right way to lose weight and the wrong ones. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to take the wrong road most of the time. Take for example those who think that starving themselves to death would do the trick.

Menstruation Talk With The UK’s Leading Personal Trainer

In this article, I write to you with a post of things to come as I share with you some lessons I learnt from being down London with UK’s and one of the World’s Leading Personal Trainer’s Dax Moy. Today we cover training intensity during training, build/load/peak/de-load principles or training, why breakfast can be making you fatter and liver health.

Smart Sugars and Your Triglyceride Battle – CAUSE for FAT GAIN and What to Do About It

The “answer” to FAT GAIN is on magazine covers everywhere you turn. But, few know the CAUSE for fat gain! In one word, it is TRIGLYCERIDES. Triglycerides impact your body and is the CAUSE for fat gain. Sugar consuming humans have a glucose metabolism challenge and an ongoing triglyceride battle. A high triglyceride level makes it impossible to lose weight.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise is an essential component to any successful weight loss program. In addition to helping you reach your weight loss goals it will make you look and feel better.

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