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Weight Loss In the Toxic World: Are You Toxic?

Did you know that toxins cause weight gain? Unless you live in a protective bubble, you are exposed to millions of “toxins” every day. Toxins are chemicals that are foreign to our body’s design and are stored and isolated in our fat cells or filtered in the liver because the body has no means of processing them. Toxins can actually plug your fat cells and over time disrupt normal body functions causing headaches and fatigue. If untreated, these toxins can lead to weight gain and chronic health conditions like Diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This article will discuss how nutritional cleansing can assist in increasing your weight loss results, decreasing your risk for the chronic health conditions.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Eating Clean?

It is unfortunate, but too much weight can result in a poor body image as well as numerous weight problems. Because of this, a lot of people are going through hell and back in an effort to get a lean body.

Why Does My Brain Tell Me to Eat That Piece of Cake, But My Heart Tells Me Not to?

We all have food cravings. Picture this – you walk into a bakery only to buy a loaf of bread but you come out with not only the bread, but a dozen chocolate covered cookies, a pecan pie and just some single goodie that you saw that you could eat on the way home. It happens to everyone. Even though you entered the store with good intentions, what made you come out with more than you went in for?

Easy Ways To Lose Weight and Never Gain It Back!

As you probably already know, losing weight is not an easy task and in many cases requires sacrifice and determination. Following a diet requires both; however, even though some weight loss is achieved, the weight lost is easily gained back so diets are becoming less and less popular as there are other methods which help you lose weight, permanently. Here are some easy ways to lose weight which can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Why Cellulite Creams Do Not Work Long Term

A woman suffering cellulite is bound to have tried some topical application or cream to improve the appearance of their lumpy skin. But more often than not, you hear them speak of such creams and lotions dismally because they did not get the expected results, or even if they did, the results didn’t stay in place too long. Today, we are here to tell you why cellulite creams are only a temporary relief.

Whatever You Think You Know About Weight Loss Is Probably Wrong

In this article, I explain how my clients and others’ false notions of weight loss success prevents them from actually achieving it. The only way to succeed in your own journey is to embrace ‘breaking the rules’ to tap into your true power.

Green Tea Weight Loss: The Possible Weight Loss Properties of Green Tea

A summary of the weight loss properties of green tea. This includes a possible increase in metabolism, and appetite suppression. Also, there is a brief section on the implementation of green tea in your diet.

The Various Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract by far has become of the biggest news makers in the field of health and wellness today. It is considered by many as the total fat buster because of the various health benefits that it contains. It came from raw green coffee beans. Scientists have found out that raw green coffee beans contain an organic compound called chlorogenic acid which could greatly affect your body’s metabolism.

5 Best Foods to Reduce Belly Fat

Are you eager to lose that stubborn belly fat once and for all? Eating healthy, getting daily exercise and managing stress are all essential components for reducing belly fat and achieving better health, but did you know that you can eat certain foods to help you reduce belly fat even faster? Here are five of the best foods that will help you get rid of belly fat for good and improve your overall well-being.

How Do I Lose My Love Handles: 4 Exercises That Can Help You Get Rid of Loose Fat

Do you want to lose your embarrassing Love handles? Would you like to have a toned and firm tummy? Love handles are rolls of fat that encircle the belly area. They’re commonly know as saddle bags and muffin tops because of the unsightly shape they make under your clothing.

Seven Smart Tips for Mommies to Get in Shape

Watching workout videos online help busy mothers to learn and practice various workouts without joining a gym. Avoid putting on excess weight.

Need To Lose Weight ASAP? Things That Can Give You Effective Results Right Now?

Do you need to lose weight ASAP? You can lose over 2-4 pounds in a week with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. It is easy to lose a pound or 2 in a week. All you need to do is just burn 500 calories every day. However, if you want to lose more weight, you need to eat less and intensify your exercises.

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